The share price of TEN continues to decline. The company announced its half year results in April and since then the share price has gone from AUD0.44 to AUD0.21 – representing a fall of 52%.

by Adjunct Professor Mark Stewart | May 24, 2017


Startup solution to the challenge of modern journalism

by AGSM | Jun 5, 2017

With the prevalence of ‘fake news’ and ‘click bait’ dominating the news cycle, inkl is a mobile platform that gives readers the opportunity to access and support purely factual journalism.


Ten Network Holdings Limited (“TEN”) - Episode Two – How Short is a Piece of String

by Adjunct Professor Mark Stewart | May 10, 2017

TEN, as reported in its half-year results announced last week, has decreased the book value of its television licence by AUD214 million.

Strategy & Change

Ten Network Holdings Limited (“TEN”) - Episode One

by Adjunct Professor Mark Stewart | May 1, 2017

​TEN is providing some special reality TV entertainment that makes fascinating viewing. Probably not of much interest to its normal target audience but definitely of strong interest to its bankers, its shareholders and other players in financial markets.


Podcast: Leading the multi-generational workforce

by AGSM | Jul 18, 2017

Professor Julie Cogin presents her research on the challenges and misconceptions of working with traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials.

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