Strengthening Australian Innovation and Asia Capability for Global Competitiveness

Sept 18 Friday | Westin Hotel Sydney, Australia

About the AICI

The Australian Innovation & Competitiveness Initiative (AICI) is a major collaborative research and engagement effort recently launched by the UNSW Business School in partnership with industry and government.  Its mission is to help strengthen the innovation capability and competitiveness of Australia and its firms for long-term economic growth and prosperity. Toward this end, AICI will conduct world-class research on innovation and competitiveness topics that have both scholarly and practical significance, particularly those with public-policy implications.

As the largest Western society based in the Asia-Pacific, Australia has both the location and culturaladvantages to fill the strategic role of an innovation broker between Asia and the West (Europe and North America). Australian firms can out-perform competitors by leveraging innovations from both sides to develop unique and superior global products, services and/or technologies for the world markets. AICI will collaborate with the Australian government (both state and federal) and the private sector to attract foreign R&D and other high value-added investment to Australia to create new business and employment opportunities, particularly in the technology-based industries.

AICI will initially focus its research on eight economic sectors: Advanced manufacturing, agriculture and food production, E-commerce, energy resources, financial and professional services, medical and healthcare, telecommunications, and tourism.   These studies will include both basic and applied research, with the overall goal of identifying the key determinants and mechanisms at the country, industry, and firm levels that affect the innovation capability and competitiveness of Australian businesses in the global marketplace.

As part of its research agenda, AICI will build and continuously update a multi-industry longitudinal database including a wide range of explanatory and outcome variables related to innovation and competitiveness.  It will also collaborate with overseas research partners to collect comparable data from countries in Asia, Europe, and North America.  This combined database will offer valuable and unique research opportunities for academics and useful evidence-based insights for policymakers.

For further information about AICI, please contact Professor Joe Cheng at joecheng@unsw.edu.au