Peter Farrell Cup

Judging Criteria

In the Peter Farrell Cup, we have a strong emphasis on traction. Traction concerns the quality of the journey, insights gained, and the way you have used the journey to inform your final ideas.*

Criterion Weight Description
Need 20% Real problem; substantial market size; problem not sufficiently addressed by competitors or alternatives
Realism 15% Solution actually solves problem; team is capable of bringing solution to market; team has considered laws, regulations and any potential ethical concerns
Viability 15% Solution and team could attract funding; business model could provide sustainable revenue stream(s); team understands key metrics that drive the business and how to track them
Traction 30% During the competition, the team conducted and reported on sufficient research to validate: 1) need; a real and unresolved problem exists in the market, 2) realism; the solution could actually solve the problem now/in near future and make it to market, 3) viability; their business model could conceivably work and provide sustainable revenue stream(s)
Presentation 20% Logical structure, easy to follow; clear, confident and authentic delivery; clear “ask” (e.g. advice, connections, funding) that relevant audience members would be likely to act on

*All decisions made by the judges are final