Business Advisory Council

The UNSW Business School Advisory Council is an external, expert and experienced group of industry practitioners who advise the Dean and serve as a reference point for the Business School. The Council ensures that our programs and courses are relevant in today's changing business environment.

The Advisory Council assists the Business School to carry out its vision of being recognised globally as a leading research-intensive business school renowned for its students and staff, teaching quality, relevance and innovation.

Business Advisory Council members are leaders in industry and government who commit to a program of active engagement with the Business School, based on the Council’s Terms of Reference. They are committed to ensuring that the Business School realises its vision of becoming a leading centre for business education and research in the Asia-Pacific region.

Membership is by invitation only and there are 45 members, many of whom are chairs or chief executives of major organisations.
The Council lends its energy, experience and influence in pursuit of our Business School's mission. Members of the Council’s Executive Committee play an active role in developing and implementing the School’s 2020 Strategic Plan. In general, the Executive Committee enables the School to:

  • Increase its engagement with business (and vice versa)
  • Increase the relevance of its curriculum and research agendas
  • Build links between the Business School and its stakeholders
  • Raise and build the profile of, and build, the Business School's brand and reputation
  • Engage with students and alumni