Strategy 2020

Our future in focus, a vision for 2020 at UNSW Business School

As one of Australia’s leading business schools, our mission is to be a globally engaged, high impact and academically rigorous business school that enhances practice through leading edge research.

We understand the business landscape has transformed and that we must evolve with it. That’s why we’re challenging ourselves to look to the future, and have developed a five-year strategic plan to make sure our students, staff, alumni and partners are ready for the way we will live and work in 2020.

The strategic plan focuses our efforts in three key areas:

  1. An outstanding career-focused student learning experience
  2. High impact research
  3. Sustainable two-way engagement with Asia
What will UNSW Business School be like in 2020?

We will create an outstanding, personalised and transformative learning experience that positions students to become entrepreneurs, renowned researchers or respected executives and leaders in organisations around the world.

We will identify, develop and promote our research – focusing on high impact, internationally-recognised areas of research.

Globally we want to be perceived as a conduit for the exchange of knowledge and expertise between Asia and the rest of the world.