Objectives and principles

Our objectives

  • To provide high quality, relevant education in the accounting discipline that meets the challenges of a knowledge economy and the distinctive needs of key stakeholder groups
  • To contribute internationally to recognised research that furthers knowledge and improves practice in the accounting discipline
  • To encourage excellence in the practice of accounting through actively participating in government, community and private sector debates and decision making
  • To foster and sustain the curiosity, creativity, lifelong learning and development of our staff and students

Our key operational principles

  • To develop school staff who are committed to excellence in research and teaching, with a focus on attracting enthusiastic new staff and senior professorial staff
  • To increase the contemporary relevance of our degree programs
  • To review our coursework programs in line with changing market demands and a new focus on developing communication and integrative business skills
  • To increase our interaction and mutually beneficial alliances with key international universities, professional service firms and accounting bodies, industry and government
  • To build strong links with the accounting profession, government and major employer groups
  • To develop strong global research alliances which are important to ensuring ideas and funds are shared internationally