The School of Accounting, UNSW Australia Business School has an outstanding Honours degree that is open to all high-achieving undergraduates, even if you're not currently studying at UNSW Australia.

Accounting Honours alumni tell us that fourth year Honours was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them. Our degree gave them very strong academic skills but more importantly they personally developed as a result of facing and overcoming the challenges of Honours in our supportive, close-knit collegial environment.

Financial support is available to many fourth year Honours students through university and employer scholarships and research assistance work.

Honours students (third year and fourth year) students are also given preference when appointing leaders under the Peer Assistance Support Scheme (PASS) and in part-time research assistant or teaching work offers.

If you have an excellent undergraduate academic record and are keen to extend your degree in the Asia-Pacific region's leading accounting research school, we’d love to hear from you.

Benefits of Honours

The Honours degree provides additional disciplinary training to that provided in the pass courses. Honours classes are generally smaller than pass groups and, being comprised of high achievers with an interest in accounting research, provide an exciting and challenging study environment. While the pass program provides a context for study of present professional methods and standards and a perspective for exploring possible innovations, the Honours degree is able to provide graduates with additional skills.

Honours students are introduced to research training through exposure to a range of research questions within the discipline. Students are encouraged to think clearly and critically about the objectives of accounting and financial management and to become familiar with present methods of achieving those objectives and the actual operation of accounting information systems.

The degree also helps students to critically appreciate how and why accounting changes in the face of new competitive pressures, different government priorities and technological development.

As a consequence, students who choose Honours streaming and an Honours degree have a more developed critical sensibility and improved ability to obtain, categorise and evaluate information and its impact. In addition, an Honours degree is a requirement for anyone contemplating an academic career.

Structure of degree

Honours level work may be undertaken either within the three year pass program or as part of the four year Honours degree.

Honours classes commence during third year where extra seminar classes involve an average of one hour per week. Third year students intending to study Honours enrol in special courses which include material covered in the normal pass courses and additional research material covered in the seminars.

Students typically undertake research projects and sit for pass examination papers which have been modified to include questions on the Honours work. The composite mark covers both the pass and Honours material. Third year students with satisfactory grades can then advance to fourth year Honours studies.