Why undertake a research program with the School of Accounting?

The School of Accounting, UNSW Australia Business School has been offering research degrees since 1960. As a centre of excellence in accounting research in Australia and internationally, our expertise and strength in research is based on applying intellectual rigour and various empirical techniques to investigate and understand accounting issues.

By undertaking research training with the School of Accounting, students are able to work with highly qualified staff. Due to their broad range of skills, expertise and interests in financial accounting, management accounting and auditing, students have a wide range of options to choose from and a great opportunity to pursue their specific research programs.

School staff regularly present their work at local and international conferences which has enabled them to keep in close contact with research developments throughout the world, and to build an extensive network with international researchers.

Most staff are members of at least one of the professional accounting bodies in Australia, and some staff are actively involved in committee work with these bodies. Other staff have close contacts within various companies and industry bo dies. These relationships can provide opportunities for conducting highly relevant research programs.

In addition, the School encourages international researchers to take their study leave here and to become involved with our research students. The School also conducts two very prestigious research conferences, the International Symposium on Audit Research and the Global Management Accounting Research Symposium, in which students may participate.

Advances in technology, the move to globalisation by companies and increasing pressures to be efficient, effective and competitive, in both the private and public sectors, have presented enormous challenges to the accounting profession. By undertaking a research degree with the School of Accounting, students can expect to make a significant contribution by addressing the issues related to these challenges in a rigorous and systematic way.