Research centres

Centre for Accounting and Assurance Research

This Centre commenced operations in 2001. The Director of the Centre is Professor Ken Trotman. The Associate Director is Professor Roger Simnett. Michael Coleman (formerly KPMG) is Chairperson of the Advisory Board.

The Centre provides a focus for interdisciplinary research, in the areas of accounting, financial management and assurance services and, together with other relevant schools within UNSW and public and private sector parties, undertakes the following:

  • Initiate and conduct pure and applied research
  • Form links with the accounting and related professions to identify emerging issues of concern or interest to the profession and thereby identify appropriate research subjects and sites
  • Conduct research conferences
  • Plan and conduct continuing education activities on emerging issues to attract participation from professionals, and senior level managers, and
  • Provide staff training in such areas as financial statement audits, internal auditing, understanding financial statements, corporate governance, risk assessment, etc.

During 2012 the Centre:

  • Received ARC grants and a major grant from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Supported the International Symposium for Audit Research (ISAR)
  • Continued its output of research in leading international journals
  • Supported the visits of leading international researchers
  • Supported a range of PhD projects
  • Conducted training for a large banking institution to satisfy entry requirements to the Institute of Chartered Accountants CA Program, and
  • Continued provision of financial support for the development of database on audit fees and audit reports.

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