2008 Ball & Brown Tribute Conference

A conference was held in 2008 to mark the 40th anniversary of 'An empirical evaluation of accounting income numbers', a publication of highly acclaimed research by Professors Ray Ball and Philip Brown, published in the 1968 Journal of Accounting Research.

Professors Ray Ball and Phillip Brown, two of UNSW's most academically distinguished graduates, were guests of honour at the conference, which attracted 120 leading academics in the field.

The Ball and Brown paper has been widely acknowledged as the most influential piece of accounting research at that time. It truly represented the start of modern capital markets-based accounting research, Professor Alec Cameron, Dean of the Australian School of Business, told the conference.

'Ray and Philip's research transformed our understanding of the effect of corporate disclosure on share prices, and of earnings releases in particular,' he said.

Conference papers

Professor Douglas Skinner: Earnings guidance and market uncertainty (pdf)

Professor Peter Easton, University of Notre Dame: The role of prices in studies of price-scaled earnings (pdf)

Professor Ross Watts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Evidence from goodwill non-impairments on the effects of unverifiable fair-value accounting (pdf)

Professor Stephen Penman, Columbia University: Returns to buying earnings and book value: accounting for growth (pdf)

Professor Terry Shevlin, University of Washington: An unintended consequence of book-tax conformity: a loss of earnings informativeness (pdf)

Professor Patricia Dechow, University of California: Predicting material accounting manipulations (pdf)

Professor Paul Healy, Harvard Business School: What drives financial analyst compensation at high-status banks? (pdf)