Finance is essentially the management of money in the financial and capital markets.

Finance deals with investment decisions (eg. portfolio selection, mergers and acquisitions) and corporate financing decisions (eg. dividend policy, debt and equity structures, and lease decisions) within those markets.

It involves determining the values (or prices) of financial assets and making decisions in the face of uncertainty in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment. It is also concerned with the development of risk-hedging strategies as an important mechanism to manage adverse movements in share prices, interest rates and other financial uncertainties.


A career in banking and finance is as rewarding as it is challenging.


Honours graduates are employed in key finance industry positions in major financial centres around the world.


Our specialist postgraduate programs expose you to the latest finance theories, techniques and practices.


Work with leading researchers across different disciplines and be part of the next generation of expert researchers.

Co-op Scholarship

The School is strongly supported by company sponsors in the UNSW Finance Studies Co-op program.

Careers in finance

Depending on the program selected, Finance provides training for a wide range of career options.