Visiting academics

2011 - 2019

Linda Allen

Baruch College
PhD, New York University
01 Feb - 08 March 2016

Anders Anderson

PhD, Stockholm School of Economics
January – February 2013

Alin Marius Andries

Go8 European Fellow for 2015
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
PhD, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi
July 2015 – January 2016

George Aragon

Arizona State University
PhD, Boston College
July-August 2013

Sumit Agarwal

Georgetown University
June 2017

Tony Berrada

University of Geneva
PhD, University of Lausanne and FAME
August 2012-July 2013
December 2014
September 2015

Wolfgang Bessler

University Giessen
PhD, University of Hamburg
24 Jan – 25 Feb 2018

Sudipto Bhattacharya (RIP)

London School of Economics
October- November 2011

Stefan Bogner

Vienna University of Economics and Business
October – December 2017
October - November 2011

Francesca Carrieri

McGill University
PhD, University of Southern California. Los Angeles
February – August 2014

Lili Dai

Australian National University
PhD, Nanyang Technological University
April – July 2013
April 2014
January – June 2017

Sudipto Dasgupta

PhD, University of Southern California
August 2014

Ryan Davies

Babson College
PhD, Queen's University
February – April 2012

Phillip De Jager

University of Cape Town
PhD, University of Cape Town
November 2017

Pietro Dindo

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
PhD, Tinbergen Institute and University of Amsterdam
January 2014

Sebastian Ebert

Tilburg University
PhD, University of Bonn
November – December 2015

Roger Edelen

University of California, Davis
PhD, University of Rochester
26 March - 16 April 2018
March – September 2017
01 Feb - 30 July 2016

Vic Edwards

BEc (Hons), University of Sydney
2013 – current

Rüdiger Fahlenbrach

Swiss Finance Institute
PhD, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
February – April 2011

Daniel Ferreira

London School of Economics (LSE)
PhD, University of Chicago
April 2014

Ron Giammarino

University of British Columbia
PhD, Queen's University
22 Nov – 07 December 2018
08 Jan - 30 May 2016

Michael Goldstein

Babson College
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
01 Feb - 01 July 2016

Lixiong Guo

University of Alabama
June - August 2018

Allaudeen Hameed

National University of Singapore
PhD, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
May 2017

Edith Hotchkiss

Boston College
PhD, New York University
11 - 15 March 2019

Wei Hu

Curtin University
25 February – 29th March 2019

Daisy Huang

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
20 Feb – 01 March 2019

Sterling Huang

Singapore Management University
April - May 2015

Hyunjoong Im

Peking University
PhD, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
August 2015

Alexandre Jeanneret

HEC Montreal
PhD, Université de Lausanne, Swiss Finance Institute
December 2018 – February 2019

Heiko Jacobs

University of Mannheim
PhD, University of Mannheim
October – December 2013

Ravi Jagannathan

Northwestern University
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
April 2011

Tom Kirchmaier

London School of Economics (LSE)
April 2013, April 2014, April 2015, April 2016

Raymond Kan

University of Toronoto
PhD, University of Chicago
22 July – 19 August 2018

Sandy Klasa

University of Arizona
PhD, University of Oregon
01 Jan – 30 May 2019

Darren Kisgen

Carroll School of Management
PhD, University of Chicago
26 March – 6 April 2018

Jingrui Xu

Xiamen University
PhD, UNSW Sydney
November – December 2018

Amy Kwan

University of Sydney
PhD, UNSW Sydney
March – June 2017

Ian Kwan

University of Navarra
PhD, University of Navarra
February – August 2015

Albert ‘Pete’ Kyle

University of Maryland
PhD, University of Chicago
August 2015

Dietmar Leisen

Gutenberg University of Mainz
PhD, University of Bonn, Stanford University
August - September 2015
March 2017

Michelle Lowry

Penn State University
PhD, University of Rochester
June – August 2012
July 2018

Nimalendran Mahendarajah

University of Florida
PhD, University of Michigan
February – April 2012

Ernst Maug

University of Mannheim Business School
PhD, London School of Economics
17 February – 02 March 2019

Iwan Meier

HEC Montréal
PhD, Université de Berne
January – June 2011

Randall Morck

University of Alberta
PhD, Harvard University
April 2014

Dmitriy Muravyev

Boston College
September 2018

Vikram Nanda

Rutgers Business School
PhD, University of Chicago
July – November 2011, March – April 2013, March – April 2014, October-November 2015
March 2017 – April 2017

Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi

University of Mannheim
PhD, University of Cologne
June 2013, March 2014

Lily Nguyen

La Trobe University
August – November 2018

Nicolas A. Papageorgiou

HEC Montréal
PhD, University of Reading
October 2014

Udara Peiris

International College of Economics and Finance Higher  School  of  Economics, Moscow
PhD, University of Oxford
August-September 2015

Toan Pham

UNSW Sydney
From 02 January 2014

Ronan Powell

Dublin City University
PhD, University of Essex
May 2014

Stefan Ruenzi

University of Mannheim
PhD, University of Cologne
June 2013, March 2014

Brahim Saadouni

University of Manchester
MSc, University of Strathclyde
September 2016 – August 2017

Zacharias Sautner

University of Amsterdam
PhD, University of Mannheim
March 2011

Jaeyoung Sung

Ajou University
PhD, Washington University
July 2012-January 2013, June–July 2013

Eric Tan

University of Otago
PhD, UNSW Sydney
July 2015

Karin Thorburn

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)
PhD, Stockholm School of Economics
November – December 2011

Kumar Venkatamaran

Singapore Management University
PhD, Arizona State University
March 2014

James Vickery

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
October 2014

Kathryn Wong

PhD, University of Sydney
May-December 2014

Eliza Wu

University of Technology Sydney
PhD, UNSW Sydney
May 2014

Linda Wu

University of Western Sydney
PhD, UNSW Sydney
From March 2014

Aimin Zeng

Zhejiang GongShang University
PhD, Xiamen University
From March 2014, April - September 2017