The School of Banking & Finance, UNSW Australia Business School is regarded as the leading finance school in Australia, and one of the top five in the Asia-Pacific region.


UNSW is ranked #11 in the world (#1 in Australia) in “Accounting and Finance” *2017 QS Subject rankings


UNSW School of Banking & Finance ranked 30th in the world for contributing publications to the top 5 finance journals. In 5 years, 36 publications in A* journals: JoF, JFQA, JFE, RFS and FM *ASU-FMA Rankings (2010-2015)


UNSW received the highest possible rating of “5 – Well above world standard” for research in FoR1502 (Banking, Finance and Investment) * Australian Research Council - ERA 2015


Researchers from the School of Banking and Finance have been involved in ten successful Australian Research Council grants in the last five years, awarded a combined total of $2.9M * Australian Research Council


The School of Banking and Finance had 44 PhD students and 18 MPhil students complete their research degrees in the five years from 2011-2015 View PhD student achievements


Researchers in the UNSW School of Banking and Finance published 20 journal articles in A* journals in 2015, alone * Australian Research Council - ERA 2015


UNSW is ranked #31 in the world (#1 in Australia) in terms of publications in the top 3 journals in Finance (Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, The Review of Financial Studies) with 16 articles published by the School of Banking and Finance. * UT Dallas (2013-2016)

Banking and Finance has a strong commitment to research and a vibrant research culture. All academic staff members are active in research and/or research supervision. Members of staff receive large Australian Research Council (ARC) grants and in several cases receive multiple grants; play an active role in research activities in the discipline including editorial board memberships, and present their work at conferences and seminars.

The School has active fourth-year honours, Masters research and PhD research programs and has maintained annual postgraduate research enrolments of over 50 students during recent years. In most years a Banking and Finance fourth-year undergraduate student receives the University Medal.

The School seeks to maintain the highest international standards in both fundamental and applied research in banking and finance and, through that research, to aid the advancement, development and practical application of scientific research of relevance to industry and commerce.

This objective is fostered in several ways including the publishing of research findings, the organisation of a School Research Seminar Series, sponsorship of the Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, hosting of International visitors and by supporting the acquisition of Australian and International databases utilised by researchers in the School.