Research grants

Banking and Finance faculty have been awarded the following competitive grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) from 2006 to date and from external research partners.

ARC Discovery Grants

Venture Capitalist Networks

ARC Discovery Grant 2018
ID: DP180102599
Years: 2018-2020
Investigator/s: Associate Professor Jason Zein; Associate Professor Peter Pham; Associate Professor Jared Stanfield

Amount of grant: $279,196

Investment Irreversibility, Policy Uncertainty, and Hedging Strategies

ARC Discovery Grant 2017
ID: DP170102804
Years: 2017-2019
Investigator/s: Associate Professor Li Yang

Amount of grant: $264,000

Venture capital, private equity and the internationalisation of entrepreneurial firms

ARC Discovery Grant 2014
ID: DP140103039 
Years: 2014-2015 
Investigator/s: Associate Professor Jo-Ann Suchard, Associate Professor Mark Humphery-Jenner
Amount of grant: $102,000

Executive overconfidence

ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) 2014 
ID: DE150100895 
Years: 2015-2017 
Investigator/s: Associate Professor Mark Humphery-Jenner 
Amount of grant: $369,000

Ownership linkage and the functioning of inter-firm capital markets during the Global Financial Crisis

ARC Discovery Grant 2012 
ID: DP120104488 
Years: 2012-2013 
Investigator/s: Professor Ronald W Masulis, Associate Professor Jason Zein, Associate Professor Kien P Pham 
Amount of grant: $100,000

Global Financial Crisis and financial stability: An investigation of the systemic risk for financial institutions

ARC Discovery Grant 2012 
ID: DP120104755 
Years: 2012-2014 
Investigator/s: Professor Fariborz Moshirian, Professor Bohui Zhang 
Amount of grant: $250,000

Do wealth creating mergers and acquisitions really hurt acquirer shareholders?

ARC Discovery Grant 2012 
ID: DP120102485 
Years: 2012-2014 
Investigator/s: Professor Peter L Swan, Professor Ronald W Masulis 
Amount of grant: $230,000

What Do Boards Do? The Measurement of Board Activity, its Impact on Firm Valuation and Board Responses to the Financial Crisis.

ARC Discovery Grant 2012 
ID: DP120101908
Years: 2012-2014
Investigator/s: Professor RenĂ©e Adams

The Advising Boards, corporate risk-taking and firm performance

ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) 
ID: DE120100501
Years: 2012-2014

Investigator/s: Dr Yuan G Tian
Amount of grant: $375,000

Chief Executive Officer Pay, Incentives, Talent and Risk Taking: Excessive Pay, Regulation and the Global Financial Crisis

ARC Discovery Grant 2010 
ID: DP1097133 
Years: 2010-2012 
Investigator/s: Professor Peter L Swan 
Amount of grant: $396,000

An Investigation of Country- and Firm-Level Barriers to Australian Institutional Investments in Foreign Equity Markets

ARC Discovery Grant 2009 
ID: DP0986280 
Years: 2009-2011 
Investigator/s: Professor Fariborz Moshirian, Associate Professor Peter K Pham, Associate Professor Eliza W Wu 
Amount of grant: $180,000

Building flexible multivariate models and their application in Finance

ARC Discovery Grant 2009 
ID: DP0988579 
Years: 2009-2011 
Investigator/s: Professor Robert J Kohn, Associate Professor Li Yang 
Amount of grant: $520,000

News Arrival and Stock Market Trading: An Investigation of Investor Reactions to Information

ARC Discovery Grant 2007 
ID: DP0774582 
Years: 2007-2009 
Investigator/s: Professor Fariborz Moshirian, Associate Professor Peter K Pham, Dr Donghui Li, Associate Professor Maosen Zhong 
Amount of grant: $100,000

Managing E-Business using Ontology-Based Multi-Agent Systems (OBMAS)

ARC Discovery Grant 2007 
ID: DP0770719 
Years: 2007-2009 
Partnered School/s: Information Systems, Technology and Management Investigator/s: Associate Professor Pradeep K Ray, Associate Professor Ramaprasad Bhar, Dr Nandan Parameswaran, Associate Professor Rodger Jamieson, Dr Lundy M Lewis 
Amount of grant:$230,000

Fragmentation, globalization and the architecture of stock markets: How should the ASX be redesigned to ensure its long-term survival?

ARC Discovery Grant 2006 
ID: DP0665910
Years: 2006-2008
Investigator/s: Professor Peter L Swan, Professor David Feldman, Dr Peter J Westerholm 
Amount of grant: $425,000

An Examination of the Structure, Performance, Trading Activity and Portfolio Compositions of Small-Cap Equity Managers

ARC Discovery Grant 2006 
ID: DP0665826 
Years: 2006-2008 
Investigator/s: Professor Terry S Walter, Dr Carole Comerton-Forde, Associate Professor David R Gallagher 
Amount of grant: $230,000


ARC Linkage Projects

Governance and the investment performance of not-for-profit endowments

ARC Linkage Project 2016 
ID: LP160100956 
Years: 2016-2018 
Investigator/s: Professor Ronald Masulis, Professor Jerry Parwada, Associate Professor Kingsley Fong, Mr Nigel Renton; Professor Ernst Maug 
Industry partner/s: Credit Suisse 
Amount of grant: $169,000

Information Content of Order Flows in the Foreign Exchange and Commodities Markets

ARC Linkage Project 2008 
ID: LP0882468 
Years: 2008-2010 
Investigator/s: Dr Jianxin Wang, Professor Frederick D Foster, Associate Professor Li Yang, Dr Minxian Yang, Mr Igor Geninson 
Industry partner/s: Commonwealth Bank of Australia 
Amount of grant: $110,000

The Role of Corporate Governance Mechanisms in Maximising the Performance of Listed Australian Corporations

ARC Linkage Project 2007 
ID: LP0775195 
Years: 2007-2009 
Investigator/s: Dr Kathleen D Walsh, Dr Emma L Welch, Professor Tom Smith 
Industry partner/s: Barclays Global Investors 
Amount of grant: $172,053

The Contribution of the Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry to the Australian Economy and Society

ARC Linkage Project 2006 
ID: LP0669462 
Years: 2006-2008 
Investigator/s: Associate Professor Jo-Ann Suchard 
Industry partner/s: AVCAL 
Amount of grant: $126,000


Other external grants

Projects funded by Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR)

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Statutory-Backed Continuous Disclosure Policy
Area of Interest: Market and Regulatory Performance
Project Team: Dr Ronan Powell, Professor Jarrad Harford

Do markets Pay Attention to Basel II Bank Risk Reports?
Area of Interest: Financial Market Developments
Project Team:Associate Professor Jerry Parwada, Professor Stefan Ruenzi

The Regulation and Impact of Non Traditional Rights Issues and Placements in Australia
Area of Interest: Market and Regulatory Performance
Project Team: Associate Professor Jo-Ann Suchard

Financial Innovation, Liquidity Risk and Global Financial Stability
Area of Interest: Financial Market Developments, Systemic Risk 
Project Team: Professor Fariborz Moshirian, Professor Eduardo Schwartz, Professor Avanidhar Subrahmanyam and Dr Bohui Zhang

Regional Financial Stability and Integration in the Asia Pacific Region
Area of Interest: Financial Market Developments
Project Team: Professor Fariborz Moshirian, Professor Viral Acharya, Mr Rob Capellini, Professor Robert Engle, Dr Bohui Zhang