Australasian Finance & Banking Conference

The 33rd Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (AFBC) is organised by the Institute of Global Finance and the School of Banking and Finance, UNSW Business School. The Conference will be held virtually on 15–17 December 2020.

The AFBC is the most significant and prestigious finance conference in the Asia-Pacific region. It brings together the world's foremost leaders of thought from the financial community, providing international academics and industry professionals with the opportunity to meet and share their research and interest in finance-related fields. The Conference Committee would like to invite all academics and practitioners to participate.

Registration is now open for the 33rd Australasian Finance and Banking Conference.

A range of prizes are available for papers that are selected for presentation at the conference.

When and Where


Due to the Covid-19 situation the 33rd AFBC will be held virtually. Fees have been reduced accordingly.

  • When: Tuesday 15 December to Thursday 17 December 2020. The PhD Forum will be held on Monday 14 December 2020
  • Where: This conference will be held virtually

Keynote Speakers

  • Allen Berger, University of South Carolina
  • Jonathan Kearns, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, The World Bank
  • Darrell Duffie, Stanford University
  • Antony Saunders, New York University
  • Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, UCLA
  • Bambang Susantono, Asian Development Bank
  • Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago

International Business Forum

  • Tuesday, 15 December

Special Issue of the Journal of Banking & Finance

The Way Forward for Banks during the Covid-19 Crisis and Beyond: Government and Central Bank Responses and Threats to the Global Banking Industry

This special issue of the Journal of Banking & Finance focuses on research of these issues to gain a better understanding of the impact of Covid-19 on the financial industry. Selected papers will be published in the special issue and presented at the 33rd AFBC. See here for more information.

Please note that the new deadline for submission to this special issue is now 15 October 2020, whereas the deadline for submission to this conference remains 31 August, 2020.

The prospective authors who wish their papers to be considered for this special issue of the JBF, should make an independent, separate and direct submission of their papers to the JBF, based on the instructions available on the “call for papers” for this special issue on the JBF website.

The process of selecting papers for the refereeing process for this special issue of the JBF will be different and independent from the process of selecting papers to be accepted for presentation at the AFBC. Should a few or some papers of the papers which are accepted for the AFBC conference, be also selected for the refereeing process for this special issue of the JBF, then there will be only one presentation of such papers during the conference. There could also be papers that are not submitted to the AFBC and yet they will be submitted to this special issue of the JBF and could be selected for presentation at the AFBC. Please visit the JBF website for further information.

If there are any questions or issues related to this special issue, please email us on

FinTech, Innovation, Financial Stability, and Prosperity

The aim of the forum is to explore opportunities, issues and challenges in the financial technology industry. The preliminary event will be hosted in Singapore and select papers will be invited to present at the 33rd AFBC in Sydney. This forum is sponsored by The Asian Development Bank (ADB), The Institute of Global Finance-University of New South Wales (IGF-UNSW), the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research (ABFER) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

PhD Forum

As part of the annual Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, UNSW will host a forum for advanced Finance Doctoral Students who are currently working on their dissertation.

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Registration closes November 15th 2020.