Call for papers

Further information on dual consideration for the Journal of Financial Markets

To submit a paper for dual consideration, authors must indicate their interest and also certify that the paper is not under review at another journal or the JFM. In addition, a paper can't be considered for the JFM if it has previously been rejected by the JFM (although it remains eligible for the conference).

Review process

At the discretion of the JFM, referee reports will be solicited for the dual submissions under consideration. If such a report is sought, the authors will receive a copy of the report. Papers rejected at any stage of the dual review process (including those that are refereed) are not considered to have been "rejected" at the JFM. They remain eligible for subsequent submission to the JFM without prejudice. While under consideration by the conference and the JFM, a paper may not be submitted to another journal (or the JFM) until the author has been notified of the outcome of the dual-submission process. Under the dual submission, JFM submission fees (for the initial and subsequent rounds, if necessary) are waived.


The deadline for the dual-submission to the special issue of the JFM is the same as the normal date for the submission of the papers to the conference.

About the Journal of Financial Markets

The focus of the JFM is the economics of securities markets. This includes (but is not limited to) theoretical, empirical, and experimental analyses of: the role of information in the price-discovery process; the definition, measurement, and determinants of liquidity; the costs and benefits of alternate trading mechanisms and market structures; the measurement and control of transactions costs; the role of regulation and the evolution of market design; domestic and international comparisons of trading costs; cross-border listing and trading securities; trading technology and information systems; practical implications of market design for risk management; and financial engineering.