Economics is an exciting field of study, forever changing and adapting to the modern world while retaining scientific objectivity. The School of Economics, UNSW Australia Business School is a leader in research and teaching in most areas of economics.

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PhD Candidates on Job Market: 2019-2020

2019 John McMillan Prize

The 2019 John McMillan Prize for the Best Paper in Economics by a PhD student goes to Jie Chen for her paper “Facilitating public good provision in groups with a “relatively privileged” player: The comparative efficacy of punishment and reward”

2019 PhD Presentation Award

The 2019 Best PhD Presentation Award goes to Adam Gorajek for his presentation “International Trade and the Well-meaning Economist”


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Our academics and staff at the School of Economics are highly qualified with a broad range of skills, expertise and interests.


The School of Economics always ranks in the top 3 positions in Australia within a variety of research performance criteria.

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