Economics is a fascinating business-related social science that seeks to understand and critically evaluate decision making on the part of individuals, businesses, governments and global organisations.

Economists analyse the behaviour of individuals and firms and their strategic interactions, the causes and effects of unemployment and inflation, economic growth and development, income inequality, industrial organisation, public policy design and implementation, and management of the environment. A primary goal of economics is to determine how to improve efficiency and living standards.

As a well-established academic discipline, economics offers a rich array of proven techniques and a flexible analytical basis for understanding and evaluating the decisions made in households, business and government.

Why study economics

Economics is a diverse discipline which analyses decision making by individuals, organisations and governments.


Our BSc in Economics is a solid preparation in the core areas of economics and econometrics.


You’ll need a high level of motivation and superior academic ability to study economics in more depth,


Develop deeper insights, access the latest business research and learn from our high-profile academics.


Research your subject in-depth, surrounded and supported by the brightest academics in the field.

Careers in economics

Graduates are in high demand among international organisations and employers in Australia.