The School of Economics, UNSW Business School offers undergraduate students a range of majors in the fields of business economics, business strategy and economics management, economics, econometrics and financial economics.

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Economics (BEc)

This is the most general major in the Bachelor of Economics. In addition to the BEc core courses you take two more required general courses, otherwise you have a lot of freedom in your course choice and can study Economics very broadly.

Financial Economics (BEc, BCom)

This major specialises you in financial markets. You concentrate on courses which are related to the functioning and analysis of financial markets. In addition to a core set of courses, you are studying business forecasting, financial econometrics, and the economics of finance.

Econometrics (BEc)

If you want to become an expert in the analysis and prediction of economic data, then choose this major. In addition to the BEc core, you will be trained in macroeconomics, econometric theory and advanced methods, as well as statistics for econometrics. The courses provide you with quite advanced skills in analyzing economic data. People with such skills are very sought after in the labour market.

Business Economics (BCom)

The first is the Business Economics major, which is the most general major. You can then freely choose courses from the offerings of the School of Economics, with a minimum number of advanced courses. Thus, you can study Economics very broadly.

Business Strategy and Economics Management


This major makes you an expert in strategic economic analysis. You will study microeconomics, game theory, managerial economics, and organizational economics. All these courses deal with strategic interactions between companies and individuals, from different perspectives and at different levels.

Real Estate Studies (BCom)

Real estate may represent a substantial component in many investment portfolios. If you’re looking to work in real estate investment and portfolio management, this cross disciplinary major will equip you with a good understanding of the economic and financial factors and policies that influence the real estate sector.

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