Why study economics?

The School of Economics, UNSW Australia Business School is committed to providing an ideal learning environment for students to develop skills and learnings in economics.


Economics is a diverse and fascinating discipline which analyses decision making by individuals, organisations, governments and global organisations.

Economics deals with important issues, such as economic growth and development, industrial organisation and strategic behaviour, public policy design and implementation, and the means to improve overall efficiency and living standards.

Economics provides the foundation for all business disciplines through the study of the interplay between economic environment - in which business decisions are made - and strategic interactions among economic agents.


Econometrics is concerned with the task of developing and applying quantitative or statistical methods to the study and explanation of economic principles.

Econometrics combines economic theory with statistics to analyse and test economic relationships. Theoretical econometrics considers questions about the statistical properties of estimators and tests, while applied econometrics is concerned with the application of econometric methods to assess economics theories.

Why study Economics at the Business School

Quality research

An important aspect of the School is the quality of its research. We have established a strong international reputation as one of the top Australian research schools in economics.

Quality staff

The School's quality of staff and teaching ensures that the Bachelor of Economics degree consistently attracts the very brightest students, both domestically and internationally.

The School has developed a strong reputation within Australia for the highest quality of teaching in economics and members of the School have received prestigious teaching awards.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a highly successful program, coordinated by the School of Economics, which provides peer support to first year students.

In this program, second and third year students lead groups of first year students through discussions and problem solving sessions on first year subjects. This provides a non-threatening environment for students to voice their difficulties and to seek the help of their fellow students.

The strong positive feedback from this program has encouraged the Business School to pursue the scheme in other Schools.

PitStop Tutors Support Program

The School of Economics has developed the PitStop Program to help students gain more convenient access to tutor assistance.

Learning Support

Additional learning and language support is available from the Business School.

Learning Support provides individual and small group consultations, academic skills workshops, discipline-specific support workshops and a range of study skills resources, materials and handouts.