Consortium for Inclusive Economics Education

Established late in 2018 with seed funding from the UNSW Business School, the Consortium for Inclusive Economics Education aims to provide a centralised network of economics education resources and opportunities tailored to existing and prospective students and teachers of secondary economics.  CIEE's goals are:

  • To support equal access to student success in economics
  • To raise awareness and understanding of the broad applications of economics
  • To provide outreach events and resources to teachers and students of economics
  • To coordinate local, national, and global opportunities for collaboration in the teaching and learning of economics

Visit the CIEE website for more information

Smart Tech & Education Program (STEP UP)

Smart Tech & Education Program (STEP UP) is an emergent research initiative that aims to develop and sustain an innovative, rigorous and interdisciplinary research agenda on Education. Think of it as a laboratory committed to identifying ‘what works’ in education and closing the education achievement gaps.

Throughout the life of the project, we plan to identify and involve key stakeholders – scientists, educators, and policy makers – to generate and test ideas that have the potential to transform education. We intend this research agenda 

  • to provide a solid platform for sustained knowledge exchange and positive social impact, and 
  • to position the network as a thought leader on the worldwide challenge of successfully meeting the growing education demand.

In doing so, we affirm our commitment to achieving excellence in education and advancing a just society via exceptional research and meaningful social engagement that promote social equity, diversity and justice.

Visit the STEP UP website for more information