Economics groups

Empirical Micro Group

Contact: Hasin Yousaf

The Empirical Micro Group is an informal discussion group for UNSW economics staff undertaking research in the empirical micro fields including theory, econometrics, macro and individual-level data. Discussions are led by a presenter and usually run for 30 to 45 minutes and is a great chance for researchers to receive feedback on their works in progress from their peers and& other people currently working or researching in the empirical micro field.

Monday Theory Workshop

Contact: Juan Carlos Carbajal

An informal setting for faculty, visitors, and PhD students to present their work in progress. The emphasis of the workshop is to provide constructive feedback to the presenter. Presentations do not need to be polished and slides are optional. Research topics under the wide banner of economic theory, such as pure theory and applied theory, are suitable.

Sydney Macroeconomics Reading Group

Contact: Scott French

The Sydney Macroeconomics Reading Group is an informal discussion group for researchers in the Sydney area to discuss recent major publications or the researcher's own current work in progress in the field of dynamic macroeconomics. Participants come from the University of NSW, University of Sydney, Macquarie University, and the Reserve Bank of Australia. The group convenes every fortnight at the presenter's institution, and the discussion usually runs for one hour. The group aims to facilitate constructive feedback and new ideas for research.

UNSW International Trade Economists Group

Contact: Alan Woodland

The UNSW International Trade Economists Group is an informal discussion group for UNSW economics staff and postgraduate students working in the area of international trade. It is designed to meet on a regular basis to further promote and disseminate international trade research within the school. The areas of discussion are broad, and include both theoretical and empirical international economics. The group plans on initially meeting once a month (normally the third Thursday of the month) for an informal workshop. This workshop forum provides a good opportunity to present work in progress, ideas for research and general discussion of what’s happening in this research field.

Sydney Experimental Brownbag Seminars

Contact: Gigi Foster

The Sydney Experimental Brownbag Seminars are a joint initiative by UNSW, University of Sydney and UTS. The informal seminar series brings together experimental economics researchers in the Sydney area. It caters both for final papers as well as work in progress, and aims to facilitate feedback and lively discussion among the local experimental economics community.