Research support

The School of Economics and the UNSW Business School support research activities through a wide range of programs.

ARC grants

The School strongly encourages its staff to apply for grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery and Linkage programs and other major grant schemes. Through an ARC Application Incentive Scheme, the UNSW Business School provides up to $2,000 to assist with the expenses associated with submitting an ARC or equivalent application.

ARC Grant Holders Support Scheme

This UNSW Business School scheme provides one full session of teaching buyout support to members of staff who are successful in obtaining an ARC Grant (or competitive grant of equivalent standing) of at least three years duration.

UNSW Major Research Equipment and Infrastructure Initiative

The scheme is a strategic investment in major research infrastructure and equipment in order to enable UNSW researchers to work at the cutting edge of local, national and international research at UNSW. The funding scheme supports research in Faculties and disciplines to build a world-class research environment that underpins research excellence in UNSW's areas of research strength.

UNSW Goldstar awards

The UNSW Goldstar research grants are awarded annually to UNSW researchers who narrowly miss out on grants in the ARC Discovery and NHMRC Project grant funding rounds.  The awards are to support UNSW's best researchers to conduct initial research on the proposed research program and to allow the investigator to further refine and improve the application for re-submission.

UNSW Business School Internal Grants

A Special Research Grants program (up to $10,000 for a project) is designed to provide funding for junior members of staff who are expected to have a continuing role in the School. UNSW Business School grants (up to $25,000 per project) provide seed funding for academic staff members to support research that will ultimately be the subject of applications for funding from external schemes.

Conference Funding

The Business School offers funding for academics for attending one overseas conference per year. The School of Economics additionally provides funding for one domestic conference per year.

Non-professorial Research Achievement Awards

Each year the UNSW Business School Research Office awards $2,000 to up to five researchers who have made an outstanding achievement in research.

Editorial Support Scheme

With the aim of encouraging research activity and increasing publication acceptance rates, the UNSW Australia Business School is offering funding of up to $1000 for academic staff to assist with the expenses associated with the editing and/or proofreading of an academic paper prior to journal submission.

Subscription journals

UNSW Australia has online subscriptions to all major journals in economics and business.

Subscription databases

The UNSW Business School currently subscribes to a variety of financial datasets commonly used by many of the world's top researchers. These subscriptions provide the necessary infrastructure for UNSW researchers to produce world class research outputs in the financial, accounting, economic and business disciplines. Subscriptions include Wharton Research Data Services, Eventus, NYSE Trade and Quote, Morningstar Direct, CRSP/COMPUSTAT, Thomson Reuters Share Holdings Datasets, and many more.

UNSW Business School Experimental Laboratory

The Business School maintains a state-of-the-art experimental laboratory for human subject research in economics and business, which is open for use by all academic staff. The lab maintains an active subject pool of thousands of students, and also awards small project grants to research students and academics.

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