2015 Labour Econometrics Workshop

The 18th annual edition of the Labour Econometrics Workshop (LEW) held on the 14th & 15th of August was sponsored by the UNSW School of Economics and the UNSW’s Women in Leadership Network.

Keynote speaker: Susan Dynarski, University of Michigan
Location: John B Reid Theatre, AGSM Building, UNSW (Gate 11, Botany Street, Randwick NSW 2052)

About LEW

The Labour Econometrics Workshop is an annual Australasian event hosted by a different university or research institute each year. Its goal is to provide an opportunity for researchers in applied microeconom(etr)ics, broadly defined, to share and receive feedback on their work, particularly new or preliminary papers.


Download the Labour Econometrics Workshop Program (pdf)

LEW Conference papers

For any enquiries please contact Gigi Foster.