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Peer Assisted Support Scheme (PASS)

The Peer Assisted Support Scheme (PASS) has been running in Quant courses since 1996 and offers first year students the chance to join a friendly study group run by second or third year students.

PASS offers free, weekly, out-of-class study sessions to all students enrolled in a targeted course. They are facilitated by a leader (or leaders) who are students who have previously and successfully completed the course. PASS is available for first year students studying the following economics courses:

  • ECON1101 Microeconomics 1
  • ECON1102 Macroeconomics 1
  • ECON1202 Quantitative Analysis
  • ECON1203 Business & Economics Statistics
  • ECON2206 Introductory Econometrics

Students who participate can:

  • Ask questions about specific problems or concepts that you encountered in tutorials and lectures
  • Work on a variety of problems with friendly and experienced leaders
  • Discuss general areas of concern for first year students, such as how to prepare for exams and how to manage time
  • Meet other students in an informal atmosphere

PASS is a great opportunity and no bookings are required. This video made by the 2010 leaders shows how PASS works.

For more information on PASS in ECON1202, ECON1203 or ECON2206 please email the co-ordinator Hongyi Li

For more information on PASS in ECON1101 and ECON1102, please email the co-ordinator Jonathan Lim.


The Economics PitStop program operates in the weeks leading up to the main exam period, providing additional tutor assistance to students in the larger economics courses. The service is particularly convenient if assistance is required outside their lecturer’s specific consultation times.

All lecturers offer three dedicated student consultation hours each week throughout session - students should refer to their course outline for times and details.

Information on PitStop locations will be available closer to the end of each semester and also on the relevant course Moodle sites.

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