About Us

The School of Information Systems & Technology Management (ISTM), UNSW Australia Business School is one of the largest and oldest such schools in Australia with around 20 academic staff.

Our research is positioned at the forefront of the discipline and has well developed local and international linkages. With technology continuing to advance this ensures that your program will be one of the most advanced and exciting of degrees available in Australia. Our graduates are helping to shape and drive the digital economy and the society we live in.

Why information systems?

Information Systems is a great choice for your future and opens up many exciting opportunities in the new digital economy.

Welcome from the Head of School

Our focus is on Information Systems and the underlying technologies which have so influenced information access.

Industry associations and accreditations

Find out which courses are accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Employment Opportunities

The School of Information Systems and Technology Management offers tutoring opportunities.