Employment Opportunities

Tutoring at the School of Information Systems and Technology Management

The School of Information Systems & Technology Management, UNSW Business School, is currently recruiting tutors for the following courses in 2020:

Term 1 (T1): INFS1602, INFS1603, INFS1609, INFS2605, INFS2608, INFS2609, INFS3603, INFS3605, INFS3632, INFS3634, INFS3617, INFS3830, IINFS5700, NFS5710, INFS5885, COMM5011

Term 2 (T2): INFS1602, INFS1603, INFS2603, INFS2621, INFS3603, INFS3604, INFS5978, INFS5621, INFS5720

Term 3 (T3): INFS1602, INFS1603, INFS1609, INFS2603, INFS2605, INFS2609, INFS3604, INFS3634, INFS3830, INFS3873, INFS5604, INFS5710, INFS5978, INFS5730, INFS5885, COMM5011


An expression of interest application is open to both graduates and currents students who meet the essential tutoring criteria.

Essential criteria: Undergraduates

Current Information Systems students, including Honours, Combined Degree Students and Bachelor of Commerce students with an Information Systems Major, must meet the following criteria:

  • Have successfully completed at least 144 UOC and completed a PASS degree (by the start of 2020)
  • Have a WAM of 73 or higher
  • BIS majors: must have completed all INFS courses
  • BIS Honours: must have completed levels 1-3 INFS courses
  • Combined Degree Students: must have completed one degree
  • Be available from Week 1 to end of Week 10 in Term 1, Term 2 or Term 3
  • Must be available to attend tutor training

No prior experience in tutoring is required

Essential criteria: Graduates

To apply you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • A relevant undergraduate degree for teaching undergraduate Information Systems & Technology Management courses and a relevant Masters for teaching post Graduate Information Systems & Technology Management courses

Highly regarded however not essential:

  • Work experience and/or teaching experience relevant to the courses you are interested in being involved with

Lodging your expression of interest

To apply please submit the following:

  • A covering letter outlining your interest in tutoring and the courses you are interested in, including PASS leader position (Peer Assisted Study Sessions). PASS leaders do not need to have completed a PASS degree, however, applicants will need to have a DN or above in the course that they are applying for.
  • Any related experience you may have
  • A Curriculum Vitae which includes any work, teaching and student mentoring experience
  • A recent transcript of your grades

You will need to email your Expression of interest to ISTM@unsw.edu.au

Submitting an Expression of Interest form does not guarantee that any form of employment will be offered to you. As positions become available, suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview.