Welcome from the Head of School

This school provides the answers to the technical issues surrounding business information systems, gives you the specialist skills essential to develop and implement IT solutions for business, and offers a flexible career with great earning potential.

The mission in the School of Information Systems & Technology Management, UNSW Business School is to prepare students as information systems professionals who can help organisations use information systems and information technology for strategic and operational advantage leading to improvements in business process and operations management, and better information management and decision-making.

Information Systems & Information Technology

Information is the currency which drives government and commercial activities and even has a profound influence on our personal lives. Information Systems and the underlying technologies which have so influenced information access are the focus of the School of Information Systems & Technology Management (ISTM). If you like working with organisations and people, then this is for you, as information systems encompass people, organisations, and technology.

The study of the disciplines offered in the School not only provides support for a dynamic and fulfilling career as a specialist but also offers the knowledge and skills essential to those seeking a professional career in other disciplines in what is clearly an 'information age'. The School, by virtue of its size and the variety of expertise and experience of its staff, provides a diverse portfolio of courses sufficient to meet the range of needs of students. Whether you come with prior experience of information technology or not and whether you seek a highly technical education or a management education you will find an appropriate mix of courses and programmes to match your requirements.

Our graduates carry with them the confidence and resources needed to thrive and prosper in dynamic commercial environments in which, it seems, the only constant is the likelihood of fast-moving change. The students attracted to the School, between whom lifetime contacts and networks are bound to be established, are of the highest quality to be found in similar programmes worldwide. In many instances students experience contact with the school’s extensive network of industry contacts and all students benefit from the School’s continuous process of curriculum development that is undertaken with the consultation of industrial partners.

Students are encouraged to include within their programmes material from the whole range offered by the School. Our graduates enter or progress into a surprisingly diverse range of careers. Some choose to become information technology specialists, some pursue business systems development roles, while others move into specialist or general management careers, for which their knowledge of information systems combined with management disciplines make them prime candidates. Many of our graduates will use their expertise in information systems to work in consulting, often on an international basis.

Business Process & Operations Management (BP&OM)

The advance of information technology in the past decades has fundamentally changed the business processes in every organisation and has created a paradigm shift in the way in which organisations buy and sell goods and services. It is vital for future business leaders to understand how the information systems and information technology infrastructures enable organisations gain their competitive edges through design and execution of more efficient business processes.

To this end, our school offers another business management discipline in BP&OM. BP&OM blends the knowledge of decision-making, information technologies, operations management and other business functions to design, improve and manage operational and core business processes. This discipline offers career opportunities in consulting, manufacturing, retailing, service organisations and government. BP&OM is also designed as a complement to other business functional areas including accounting, marketing, and finance. Students can combine studies in BP&OM with other majors to broaden their business education and enhance their career marketability.

Lemuria Carter
Head of the School

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