Information Systems are an integral part of the new digital world we live in. The Bachelor of Information Systems is designed for students interested in the use and application of IS and IT in a commercial environment.

The explosion in internet-based information systems has changed the way we buy things, plan our holidays, keep in touch with friends, create & share information, and much more. With technology continuing to advance, it becomes an imperative for successful businesses to understand and manage their IS resources.

The Bachelor of Information Systems combines courses that assist students to learn about the technical aspects of IS as well as develop an understanding of the business implications of these systems.


Learn the effects of IS on operating and managing a business, and understand how designing, developing and implementing business databases, enterprise systems, BI systems, social media, networks and infrastructure supports operational needs.


At Honours level, you receive additional training and an introduction to research in small groups of high achievers with an interest in information systems research.


The Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) program gives you the latest knowledge, skills and understanding to manage business information systems in a fast changing environment.


You can study for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Information Systems or Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Commerce & Economics.

Careers in information systems

Organisations are always looking for graduates who understand the technical issues surrounding and impacting their business information systems.