Dramatic increase in Bo8 journals ISTM research publication

ISTM research published in Basket of Eight (Bo8) journals increased from an annual average of 3.25 articles to an annual total of nine articles last year.

Bo8 is the name given to the key IS journals, as defined by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Senior Scholars, which focus on behavioural and business-oriented, IS research.  

The Bo8 journals are the European Journal of Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, Information Systems Research, Journal of the AIS, Journal of Information Technology, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, and Management Information Systems Quarterly.  

Last year was also a good year for ISTM A* publications, with six journal articles published – the most in the last five years. Overall, 22 ISTM research articles were published in peer-reviewed journals last year, making it the highest number of publications in the last five years.