Why Management

What’s the best way for people – as individuals or groups – to act and interact in the workplace? How can managers tap into their teams’ talents to maximise productivity? These are some of the questions management aims to answer

What do management courses cover?

Our management streams combine quality teaching with relevant, recognised research. You’ll have access to 50 full-time academics who teach a suite of cutting-edge management disciplines.

Study options include:

International business

How should organisations operate in an increasingly globalised world? What’s the best way to manage an international business? Build your skills with proven techniques and relevant theory.

Human resource management

How should you manage and mentor staff? What’s the best way to engage employees and build a successful team? Whether you’re seeking a career as an HR manager or officer, a consultant or simply want to improve your management skills, you’ll develop the skills to thrive.


What activities, strategies and structures can managers employ to improve the relationship between people and organisations? You’ll benefit from relevant industry insights and an engaging education.

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