Why marketing?

The School of Marketing, UNSW Australia Business School is a centre of excellence in marketing management and marketing thought. As the first School of Marketing in Australia, it combines academic rigour and practical relevance. This combination inspires our research priorities and underpins our teaching.

As a premier educational institution, the School of Marketing has a teaching capability in all aspects of marketing:

  • International
  • Strategic and Corporate
  • Communications, Advertising and Promotions
  • Consumer and Professional Services
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Market Research
  • Brand and Product Management
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Social Digital Media

Our students study Marketing in a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degree programs, including Bachelors of Commerce, Bachelors of Economics, Masters of Marketing and Masters of Commerce.

How is marketing used in the real world?

Marketing plays a major role in today’s business world. It creates, provides and communicates value to customers, clients, suppliers and other groups.

Marketers are brand champions. They get inside the head of the consumer and cleverly present a product or service as the solution to their problems.

What do marketing courses cover?

As Australia’s first marketing school, we’ve created courses that evolve with the industry.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use market research to identify what consumers want and need
  • Which markets to target
  • How to design appropriate products, programs and services
  • The best ways to communicate and deliver these offerings

Why study marketing?

Today, business success is all about engagement. How can businesses build better relationships with their core communities? What’s the best way to stand out in a crowded market?

Marketers are charged with helping the world’s biggest brands create, innovate and change the landscape. From advertising to media liaison, sales, public relations and even fundraising, the world is limitless when you study marketing.

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