Honours in Marketing is for outstanding students wishing to distinguish themselves in the job market.  The Honours degree is designed for highly motivated and high achieving individuals. It is challenging intellectually, in a way not possible in a pass degree, and requires strong commitment and good project management skills. Unlike the pass degree courses, the Honours year places strong emphasis on individual performance in coursework and the Honours Research Thesis completed within the honours year.

Elite programs

The UNSW Marketing Honours degree is an elite program with no more than six students considered and invited to join each year. The degree provides these students with a distinct competitive advantage in the job market, through differentiation based on an extended set of analytical and research skills and a rigorous understanding of marketing theory and its application to practice.

Improved future opportunities

Graduates from the Marketing Honours degree are keenly sought by employers who place a premium on high level analytical, qualitative and empirical skills. Careers for our graduates include management consulting, advertising, regulatory agencies, standard setting bodies, market research companies, government agencies and the more specialised areas of the large marketing firms. Completion of the Honours degree may also provide a springboard for those interested in further study.

External Students

Honours in marketing is also an excellent option for students outside of Bachelor of Marketing. Students from Psychology, Engineering, Science, Computing and other disciplines are encouraged to apply. With the nature of employment changing, an Honours year in Marketing provides a valuable complement for future success where blending of disciplines and business acumen will be increasingly important.

Students from outside UNSW, and Australia, may also find Marketing Honours a great opportunity to graduate with an Honours degree from a top Australian university.

Financial Support

Honours applicants are eligible for financial support based on two scholarships (the UNSW Business School Honours Scholarship, and the UNSW Honours Year Scholarships), each to the value of AUD 5,000. In addition, Honours students have the option of casual employment at the School of Marketing as teaching assistants. Pay rates are negotiated depending on experience.

Apply Now

All students intending to apply to the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) program in Marketing must first contact the honours coordinator to discuss their eligibility before applying.

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