Knowledge Structure of the Master of Commerce Marketing Courses

The marketing courses for Master of Commerce are stronger than ever thanks to the recent development. They fall in three categories to help you build the knowledge structure you need to successfully complete marketing jobs.

Marketing is a battlefield. To survive in the battle and win the war, you need knowledge of essential marketing topics (Category 1) that teaches you the knowledge about all aspects of the war, you need contemporary marketing analytics (Category 2) which are the latest weapons widely used nowadays, and you need practical strategies and skills from veterans (Category 3) which give you survival instincts in this sophisticated battlefield.

The three categories of courses we offer

  • Category 1: Essential Marketing Topics
  • Category 2: Marketing Analytics
  • Category 3: Practical Strategies and Skills

Category 1: Essential Marketing Topics

These courses teach you the knowledge about all aspects of the marketing war.

  • MARK5700 or MARK5800 has no pre-requisite. From 2020, all other courses in this category have MARK5700 or MARK5800 as the pre-requisite or co-requisite.
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MARK5700 Elements of Marketing
This course is an introduction to marketing theories and practices. It examines how to attract and retain customers by understanding their needs, translating these needs into value offerings, communicating benefits, managing the delivery, and capturing value back to the organisation.
MARK5800 Consumer Behaviour
This course is an introduction to theoretical and conceptual knowledge of consumer behaviour, to understand why consumers act as they do in the marketplace, drawing heavily on both psychological and sociological viewpoints.
MARK5810 Marketing Communications and Promotions Management
This course analyses, designs and evaluates various communication and promotion decisions. Specific issues include fundamental marketing communication decisions, creative brief, message/copywriting, communication strategies, and media strategies.
MARK5811 Applied Marketing Research
This course is an overview of various forms of marketing research that are used by practising marketing managers to make informed decisions, including: problem definition and research design, questionnaire design, sampling, interviewing, data analysis, interpretation, and reporting.
MARK5812 Distribution, Retail Channels and Logistics
This course examines distribution activities involved in getting consumer and business goods and services to market, the unique characteristics associated with retail marketing of merchandise assortments, and the strategic aspects of logistics as a marketing tool.
MARK5813 New Product and Service Development
This course develops a solid understanding of new product and service development. Topics include the strategic basis for product development, marketing research techniques for new product development, and the management of the new product development process.
MARK5814 Digital Marketing
This course explores marketing opportunities in the digital world. Topics include integrating e-marketing with traditional marketing, customer service and fulfilment challenges, global connectivity, adaptive and accountable marketing planning, and specific implications for intermediaries and B2B marketers.
MARK5816 Services Marketing
This course focuses on the distinctive characteristics and problems of marketing in service organizations and for any organization developing and marketing services as part of its business portfolio. Cases from various commercial and not-for-profit organizations are examined.
MARK5820 Events Management and Marketing
This course emphasises the management and marketing of events through the whole process from the initial idea and feasibility study to post-event evaluation. The types, purposes, and importance of events are explored, and the impacts of events are analysed.
MARK5821 Brand Management
This course examines many aspects of product and brand management. Topics include the components of Consumer Based Brand Equity (CBBE), brand audits and brand architecture decisions, understanding brand associations, and brand performance and brand equity measurement.
MARK5824 Sales, Strategy and Implementation
A sales force is an integral part of a firm’s total marketing effort. This course provides students with an understanding of the organisation, planning and measurement of a company’s selling efforts in B2C and B2B contexts.
MARK5825 Global Marketing Strategy
The differences across countries lead to the differences in customer preferences, competition, distribution channels and communications media. This course examines important themes in international marketing: market entry, partnering and strategic alliances, managing across borders, and grey markets.

Category 2: Marketing Analytics

These courses teach you the latest weapons widely used in the marketing battlefield.

  • These courses require a statistical or analytical pre-requisite. The pre-requisite can be COMM5005 or COMM5011 or ECON5248 or equivalent data analytics course.
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MARK5822 Marketing Analytics and Big Data
This course explores a range of analytical tools for various marketing problems, from classical statistical tools to emerging big data techniques. The emphasis is not on the details of the analytical tools, but on how to apply and interpret a range of analytical techniques to help answer marketing-related questions.
MARK5826 Product Analytics
This course integrates the principles of product development with big data analytics by covering new product idea generation, video ad content analysis, data product or service development, product attribute optimisation and new product demand forecasting.
MARK5827 Customer Analytics
This course integrates customer relationship management (CRM) and big data analytics in applications ranging from attracting new consumers, retaining customers, and encouraging referrals to re-inviting infrequent or lost customers using prediction, recommendation, and natural language processing.
MARK5828 Advertising Analytics
This course covers new technologies to reach the customers being targeted, measure the effect of ad, and improve the delivery of ad content. It also illustrates how the advance of data analytics makes it possible to analyse complex types of ad content using text, speech, picture, and video analytics.

Category 3: Practical Strategies and Skills

These courses teach you practical strategies and skills that help you survive in the marketing battlefield.

  • To take these courses, you need to complete MARK5700 or MARK5800 as the pre-requisite.
  • The outlines for these courses are not available at the moment. They will be offered from 2020
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MARK5831 Strategic Skills for Marketers
This course equips students with the business skills and techniques necessary to operate in marketing. Three major modules are covered: market audit analysis, marketing option generation, and realizing marketing opportunities.
Note: This course will not be offered in 2020, but may be offered in alternate years.
MARK5832 Creativity, Innovation and Change in Marketing
This course focuses on developing new ways of thinking and discusses in depth the intricacies of innovation, customer experience, solution development and the problems faced by managers in this area. Note: the course will be offered from 2020.
MARK5833 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
This course examines the key principles of relationship marketing and customer relationship management. It is aimed at creating long-lasting and profitable relationships with individual customers - in both B2B and B2C contexts. Note: This course will not be offered in 2020, but may be offered in alternate years.
MARK5834 Marketing Strategy
This course emphasises techniques to help marketers adopt a strategic perspective to marketing and analyse complex marketing situations. Topics include key frameworks in strategic marketing, strategic marketing planning, marketing portfolio analysis, and various strategies marketers deal with.
Note: the course will be offered from 2020.