About us

UNSW School of Risk and Actuarial Studies has an internationally recognised reputation for teaching and research in the areas of actuarial studies, risk analytics, superannuation and population ageing. We offer academic programs and courses in actuarial studies, analytics, risk management, and superannuation.

Our academic programs are professionally accredited by the Actuaries Institute in Australia and recognised by the UK and US professional actuarial bodies.  

Our actuarial degrees cover the professional actuarial syllabus of the International Actuarial Association to the level of Actuary. We attract high quality local and international students, and our academic staff have a broad range of skills and professional actuarial qualifications. 

We live in a risky world, and people and businesses are increasingly aware of the need to manage risk. Businesses in all industries – particularly financial services – strive to manage their risk to ensure their success. 

What is Risk & Actuarial Studies? 

With an actuarial studies qualification, you could be the expert that companies, including banks, insurers and consulting firms, turn to when they need to understand risk and meet their customer needs. By studying risk management, you'll gain the knowledge to better understand business risk and its many aspects. 

Actuarial studies focuses on risk analytics and management, particularly for financial institutions includinginsurers and superannuation funds. Actuarial graduates are employed by a variety of organisations in pricing and modelling risk. Businesses rely on risk management experts to help them protect and create value for their stakeholders. It's a challenging, yet very satisfying career. 

Why risk & actuarial?

You could be the expert companies turn to when they need to understand risk & meet their customer needs.

Welcome from the Head of School

Our teaching and research focus is on actuarial studies, superannuation & pensions & quantitative risk management.