Actuarial courses require a sound knowledge of mathematics and statistics. Actuaries aim to evaluate the likelihood of future events and to evaluate the risks that insurers, superannuation funds, banks, businesses and individuals face.

Since actuaries measure and analyse the financial impact of risk and uncertainty, the courses are based on developing an understanding of the application of mathematical models based on insurance and financial mathematics.

As a broad based business discipline, Actuarial Studies combines studies in mathematics, statistics, accounting, economics, finance and their application to financial management in general insurance, health insurance, life insurance, superannuation, funds management, banking and finance.

Risk management aims to provide a framework for risk decision making and the required tools and knowledge of the business environment.

New majors available in the Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

After extensive consultation with the school’s industry partners, including in particular the school’s industry advisory board, as well as feedback from current students, two new majors have been introduced for students in the Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (including dual awards) and Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (Co-Op):

Existing majors such as accounting, finance, financial economics, and information systems continue to be available and can be found here.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 

The aim of the UNSW Business School’s Doctoral Program in Risk & Actuarial Studies is to train you with the skills to identify, analyse and solve problems using original academic research in this field. Two years of rigorous coursework will be undertaken, followed by full-time research culminating in a doctoral thesis. Your exciting work, under the guidance of world-class academic experts, will ultimately make a valuable impact on future research and practices in your chosen field.

Doctor of Philosophy


Students may choose to do a Risk Management major or an Actuarial Studies major.


Honours in Actuarial Studies provides an introductory but rigorous training in the research process.


Study the Master of Risk Management and gain a broad understanding of risk management.

Careers in Risk & Actuarial

Actuarial and risk management graduates are in demand from a wide range of employers in increasingly diverse areas.

Co-op Scholarship

The Actuarial Studies Co-op Program is a four year scholarship program with fifteen months of industry training.

Professional recognition

Our actuarial program is accredited by the Actuaries Institute in Australia.