Application for exemption recommendation - The 2020 rule

Application Instructions

Before your application can be approved, you’ll need to complete your degree and forward confirmation to the Institute of Actuaries of Australia. All applications will be processed and sent to the Institute in groups based on submission.

Exemption form


At UNSW, we offer programs that cover the Institute’s Foundation Program. You may be granted exemptions from Foundation Program subjects if you pass the relevant university subjects at grades that are consistent with the Actuaries Institute's standards.

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From 2020, the Actuarial Institute uses the Foundation Program and Actuary Program. For the Foundation Program, if you were enrolled before 2020, refer to CT subjects for Part I. For the Actuary Program, if you completed all Part II subjects (A+B) or one of them before 2020, refer to Part IIA and Part IIB courses.

All students are required to apply* to have an exemptions recommendation letter issued by the UNSW School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, for the Foundation Program and Actuary Program of the Actuaries Institute.

Exemptions are usually granted for Foundation Program (Part I) courses when you have achieved Credit or above in the average of the corresponding UNSW courses. *Note: academic transcripts are no longer required.

If you commenced your study in 2018 and 2019, review the eligibility requirements for exemption.