The School of Risk & Actuarial, UNSW Business School offers undergraduate students a range of courses from Bachelor to Honours level in the fields of risk management and actuarial professions.

Students may choose to do an actuarial studies major in the following Business School degrees:

The Actuarial Studies major involves the study of models used to quantify and manage risks and the principles involved in pricing, risk assessment, investment, financial management and the financial soundness of insurance companies, benefit plans, financial service companies and financial projects.

The major is designed for students who wish to enter either the financial services or insurance industries in a quantitative role or the highly regarded actuarial profession. It can be enhanced with a second major in accounting, economics or finance, as well as mathematics or statistics.

Professional recognition

The Bachelor of Actuarial Studies serves as a foundation for students who wish to enter the actuarial profession. Students who achieve the required academic standard in their actuarial studies courses gain exemption from Part I of Actuaries Institute (Australia) professional examinations, the core technical courses of The Institute of Actuaries (London) professional examinations and the Validation by Educational Experience credit for the Society of Actuaries (USA). Courses offered in the fourth year of a study program also cover the academic requirements for exemption from Part II of the Actuaries Institute professional examinations

From 2018, undergraduate students are able to attain exemptions from the Actuaries Institute Part III Module 1 - C7A Enterprise Risk Management by completing two newly-introduced courses at the required standard. Our students now have the opportunity to gain exemptions from the Actuaries Institute’s Part I, Part II and Part III (Module 1 C7A) in their undergraduate programs.

Co-op Scholarship

The Actuarial Studies Co-op Scholarship is a four-year scholarship degree with fifteen months of industry training. Students completing the degree at the required academic standard may receive exemptions from the Part I and Part II professional examinations of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.