Research centres

Academics in the School of Risk & Actuarial, UNSW Australia Business School have links with a number of research centres.

Australian Institute for Population Ageing Research (AIPAR)

The AIPAR has been developed within UNSW as an umbrella for research initiatives focused on demographic transition. Directed by Professor John Piggott, it aims to be world class in its programs. It is unique globally in incorporating research teams covering health, labour, economic, financial and technology related issues by harnessing expertise from the fields of business, social sciences, engineering, medicine and the built environment.

Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM)

CEEM is devoted to interdisciplinary research of environmental markets and the policy decisions that surround them. Researchers examine the growing market for tradable environmental instruments and how governments rely on these tools for environmental regulation.

Centre for Pensions and Superannuation (CPS)

Established in 2002, the Centre for Pensions and Superannuation (CPS) is a collaboration of pension specialists interested in the fields of public and labour economics, finance, and actuarial studies. The Centre hosts a number of events during the year which are attended by academics, industry professionals and policy makers.