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The School of Taxation and Business Law in the UNSW Business School engages in cutting-edge research and teaching in taxation, business law, and business regulation and governance that engages directly with business and its stakeholders.

UNSW has one of the few Australian business schools with a dedicated academic unit specialising in the interaction between business and law. Our academic staff are professionally qualified, and most have practised or continue to practise or consult to business and government, complementing their teaching and research activities.

In Taxation, our diverse disciplinary backgrounds reflect the fact that tax sits at the crossroads of law, economics and accounting. We offer the leading Master of Taxation (MTax) program in Australia, available on campus or online from anywhere in the world. Our undergraduate and graduate programs mix deep technical analysis of tax – including international tax, superannuation, capital gains, taxation of trusts and companies, GST, tax and the digital economy, tax administration and tax policy – with practical experience of tax practice through the UNSW Tax Clinic. These themes are reflected in our world-leading research and policy engagement.
Our work in Business Law explores the body of private and public law that governs the formation, funding and operation of commercial entities and the relationships between transacting parties in B2B, B2C and D2C transactions. We research and engage across key fields including corporate, financial, international business, franchising, technology, marketing, intellectual property, financial services and wealth management, contract, competition and consumer law.

In Regulation and Governance, our School includes global leaders in the areas of regulatory design, regulatory practice, corporate governance, enterprise risk management, compliance, and business ethics. Our members have expertise in financial regulation, regulation of the digital economy, environmental regulation, competition law and policy, consumer protection, privacy, and the regulation of not-for-profit and government business.

Our post-graduate research program includes the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

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