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Law is central to business.

Today, law plays a greater role in business than ever before, governing practically every business activity: the choice of business organisation; the obligations of business to customers, government and other stakeholders; and every business transaction ranging from the simplest sale of goods to the most complex corporate takeover. The most extensive set of laws in Australia are those relating to taxation.

The increasing complexity and global reach of business has brought with it new legal questions and solutions. Corporate governance, transfer pricing, intellectual property, sustainability of natural resources, trade practices, and corporate financing are all areas of increasing significance in business.

Increasingly, economists, accountants and finance professionals are influential in designing and analysing law that affects business transactions. In recent years there have been extensive policy changes in both tax law and corporate law resulting in new legislation and interpretations of the law. Hence, there is a need for administrators, lawyers, economists, accountants and finance professionals to ensure that they have the skills to operate in this dynamic environment.

It is essential that people making business decisions give thorough consideration to the taxation and business law issues involved. The same can be said of many personal decisions associated with retiring, purchasing an investment property, or choosing whether to take up an overseas secondment.

The main focus of the research and teaching of the School of Taxation & Business Law is on areas of law dealing with these issues. Our school is the premier provider of taxation and business law education in Australia and contains a unique mix of outstanding staff with backgrounds in law, economics and accounting. Take advantage of the research and courses offered by the School of Taxation & Business Law as you pursue your career in business.

Professor Michael Walpole

Head of the School of Taxation & Business Law

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