Why taxation and business law?

Law and taxation touches all areas of business. They affect organisations’ operations, workers and consumers. So how should businesses navigate complex tax and legal issues? And how can they ensure they operate ethically and within the limits of the law?

How is taxation and business law used in the real world?

You only have to open a newspaper to see how taxation and business law impacts the business world. It keeps organisations honest, protects consumers, safeguards staff and regulates the ways corporations compete. It’s the difference between a business flourishing or failing.

What does taxation and business law cover?

Whether you’re keen for a career in finance, retail, insurance, government or even want to start your own business, a taxation and business law qualification can be your best asset.

You’ll discover the latest taxation and business law issues and apply them to a range of organisations. Better still, you’ll benefit from our impressive investment in research.

“Our focus is on relevance and impact. Much of our research is applied research that can have a direct practical impact in the way tax and legal systems – or aspects of them – operate in practice.” - Professor Chris Evans, Acting Head of School.

Why study taxation and business law?

Whatever your career aspirations, a qualification in taxation and business law can take you there. Today’s business relies on skilled specialists to interpret laws and taxation, so they can succeed in a tough market – and that specialist could be you.

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