Festival of Outrageous Tax Ideas (FOTI) 2019


Outrageous Idea 1

A wealth tax should fund a basic income for Australia
Agent Provocateur: Discussants:
  • Gigi Foster, UNSW Business School
  • Carmela Chivers, Grattan Institute - Presentation

Outrageous Idea 2

Time to double the base not double the rate of GST
Agent Provocateur: Discussants:

Outrageous Idea 3

Bring in a Robin Hood Carbon Tax
Agent Provocateur: Discussant:
  • Natalie Stoianoff, University of Technology Sydney - Presentation
  • Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute

Outrageous Idea 4

Australia needs a national land tax!
Agent Provocateur:
  • Neil Warren, UNSW Business School
  • Belinda Ngo, Property Council of Australia - Presentation
  • Michael Warlters, NSW Treasury - Presentation

    Outrageous Plenary Session

    Is tax reform that hard?: So what are the next "outrageous" steps?

      Panel Members:
    • Rosheen Garnon, Board of Taxation
    • Chris Evans, UNSW Business School
    • Jennie Granger, UNSW Business School
    • Michael Potter, Financial Services Council 
    • Miranda Stewart, University of Melbourne
    • Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute

    Event Details

    When: 30 May 2019
    Where: UNSW CBD Campus, 1 O’Connell St Sydney 2000
    Event agenda now available

    With the Federal Budget being delivered in April and a Federal Election expected in May, tax will be a hot topic of conversation between now and 30 May. The Federal Opposition has already released policies relating to capital gains tax, negative gearing and franking credit refunds. The Government has flagged the possibility of bringing forward proposed reductions in personal income tax and possibly still hopes for a lower corporate tax rate. Tax will clearly be a major issue in a May election and by 30 May we will know the result of this year’s Federal Election.

    A problem with much of the national debate is often that only the usual suspects get talked about. In any national debate there are sometimes elephants in the room, ideas that are there but so “outrageous” that no-one talks about them.

    On Thursday 30 May 2019 at the UNSW CBD Campus at 1 O’Connell St Sydney, the School of Taxation and Business Law in the UNSW Business School is holding a Festival of Outrageous Tax Ideas designed to give some airtime to “outrageous” ideas intended to stretch our tax thinking beyond the usual suspects.

    Leaders in the tax field from a range of disciplines and interests will propose and work through new thinking on four major areas including:

    • A wealth tax should fund a basic income for Australia
    • Time to double the base not double the rate of GST
    • Bring in a Robin Hood Carbon Tax
    • Australia needs a national land tax

    The format of each of the four sessions is designed to promote possibilities which provoke a rethinking of the way forward for taxation in Australia. Proponents and opponents on the podium will be pitched into the arena at the festival to wrestle with new ideas and wrangle with robust audience participation through panel discussion and Q&A sessions.

    Conference Fee

    Standard registration: Free
    Registration closes: Monday 27 May 2019

    The conference fee includes the following:

    • Attendance at the one day conference and all conference catering at UNSW CBD Campus
    • Access to the key papers before and after the conference
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    Please direct all queries to: m.magafas@unsw.edu.au.