Festival of Outrageous Tax Ideas

Date and time: 9am Thursday 18 June - 5pm Friday 19 June 2015
Location: CBD Campus, Level 6, 1 O'Connell Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia. Show map

2015 is shaping up as a huge year for tax.

The School of Taxation and Business Law at UNSW Business School hosted a “festival” designed to push the tax envelope and raise “outrageous” tax ideas which address the future challenges confronting the country (and the world) over coming decades.

The festival brought together leaders in the tax field from all disciplines and interests to work through new thinking on how to future proof the Australian tax system in a period when the demands on it would be ever increasing.

The festival entertained tax reform options under four major areas over the two days as well as at the Dinner event, including

  • Making global corporates pay
  • Rebasing consumption taxes
  • Life, the universe and income tax: CGT reform as 42
  • Rebooting funding in the Australian federation

The format of each of the four sessions was designed to promote possibilities which provoke a rethinking of the way forward for taxation in Australia. Proponents and opponents on the podium were pitched into the arena at the festival to wrestle with new ideas and wrangle with robust audience participation through panel discussion and Q&A sessions.

Dinner Guest Speaker

Dr John Hewson, an economic and financial expert with experience in academia, business, government, media and the financial system was our special guest speaker. He has worked as an economist for the Australian Treasury, the Reserve Bank, the International Monetary Fund and as an advisor to two successive Federal Treasurers and the Prime Minister. He is currently a Professor and holds a Chair in the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at Crawford School, ANU.

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