The School of Taxation & Business Law, UNSW Business School is active in conducting research with an enviable reputation across a range of research activities.

In law, given the volume and extent of contemporary legal regulation of business and its rapid change, there is a close relationship between teaching and research. Our research agenda is primarily based on our main teaching areas – taxation, corporate governance, intellectual property, competition law, fair trading, international business and franchising.

Academics within the School of Taxation & Business Law have written many research reports, and books of importance to the discipline including leading student texts. The School's academics also frequently present papers at national and international conferences in addition to contributing articles to refereed and professional journals. The leading tax journal, the eJournal of Tax Research (eJTR), is published within the School and several staff hold editorial positions on the Boards of other leading journals and are members of government, professional and industry advisory committees.

The School offers Postgraduate Research Programs including the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Philosophy in Taxation or Business Law and the MCom(Hons) degree in Business Law.

Research programs

The school offers Postgraduate Research Programs including the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in tax or business law; Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Taxation or Business Law; and BCom (Hons) degree in Taxation.

Areas of specialisation

Areas of specialisation in Tax include international tax, superannuation, compliance costs, compliance behaviour, tax policy, capital gains tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), trusts, cash economy and environmental taxation. In Business Law areas of specialization include franchising, competition, international trade, trade practices, and corporations law.

The School of Taxation & Business Law also has particular strengths in taxation in China and the South East Asian region.

Conferences & research institutions

The School of Taxation & Business Law hosts the biennial International Conference on Tax Administration (held in even numbered years) which brings together leaders from around the globe to share the latest research and innovative practices in tax administration, and the annual Goods and Services Tax Workshop which brings together practitioners and academics concerned with the operation and improvement of the GST.

We are also a founding member of the International Network of Tax Research (INTR).The INTR aims to promote a global view of tax issues and to encourage input from developing as well as developed countries in its research projects.

Annual research reports

The annual research report highlights the contribution of the School of Taxation & Business Law and its staff to the field of research into taxation law and business law. It identifies all the publications, conferences, media interviews held or attended by academic staff.