Students studying tax flexible distance courses have their studies complemented by regular synchronous tutorials. These are conducted either as audio conferences or webinars.


Webinars are conducted over the internet. They include web conferencing, teleconferencing, videoconferencing and social networking, enabling students to participate in a tutorial, regardless of their location.

The School of Taxation & Business Law, UNSW Business School currently uses Collaborate Ultra to conduct webinars for tax flexible distance courses.

On the day of the webinar session:

To participate in a webinar or to access recordings of previous webinars go to Conferencing on your Moodle course site. This will take you to a page which has a link to access the webinar room, links to access webinar recordings of previous sessions, plus links to support.

To join a webinar simply click on the webinar access link. This will take you to the Session page. Locate and click the link to the Webinar session.

To access webinar recordings, again, simply click on the webinar link and open the session menu (drop-down menu at top left). Click ‘Recordings’.

If you would like to use the webinar space for peer-to-peer collaboration, you will find on the Webinar session page a link to a course room. Feel free to use this space whenever you want to interact with someone else from your course. In the course room, you will have slightly elevated privileges – you will be able to load a presentation but you won’t be able to record your session.

Audio conferences

Audio conferences link the course lecturer with students via telephone.

To participate in an audio conference:

  • If you are calling from Sydney, dial 9007 4041. Then, when prompted, enter the unique pin number for your course followed by the hash key. You can find this information on Moodle.
  • If you are calling from outside of Sydney, dial a phone number from the following list that corresponds with the region that you are calling from. This way you will only incur the cost of a local landline call to that region. Then, when prompted, enter the unique pin number for your course followed by the hash key. You can find this information on Moodle.
  • You will be placed on hold until a lecturer dials into the conference.
  • Press *0 if you require operator assistance
  • Press 4# to mute your phone
  • Press 5# to un-mute your phone

Australian access numbers for audio conferences

  • Adelaide: 08 8122 8343
  • Albany: 08 9800 0289
  • Brisbane: 07 3107 0200
  • Bunbury: 08 9702 1329
  • Cairns: 07 4000 3028
  • Canberra: 02 6101 8353
  • Darwin: 08 8900 8322
  • Geraldton: 08 9904 6016
  • Hobart: 03 6200 8342
  • Mackay: 07 4900 3188
  • Maroochydore: 07 5400 0025
  • Melbourne: 03 9912 0327
  • Mount Isa: 07 4713 6288
  • Newcastle: 02 4906 3022
  • Perth: 08 6260 1189
  • Rockhampton: 07 4900 2229
  • Surfers Paradise: 07 5511 3028
  • Sydney: 02 9007 4041
  • Toowoomba: 07 4600 3028
  • Townsville: 07 4700 3750
  • Wollongong: 02 4200 3022


If you experience any difficulties accessing a webinar or dialling into an audio conference, please contact the School's Educational Designer on + 61 2 9385 9537.

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Looking for a course coordinator or someone to help?

+61 2 9385 6777​​