This information applies to students studying tax flexible distance courses within the School of Taxation & Business Law, UNSW Business School.

It is important that students become familiar with UNSW examinations rules, policies and procedures before their exams.

Please note the specific conditions that apply to each distance course offered this semester and the end of semester exam.

Take home exams for students studying tax flexible distance courses

Courses in the Master of Taxation and the Master of Applied Taxation will have a take home exam as the final assessment. This will also include undergraduate courses that are run in conjunction with postgraduate courses. (Please note: students enrolled in TABL5901 Principles of Australian Taxation Law, TABL5904 Framework of Commercial Law and TABL5511 Legal Foundations of Business will be required to complete a sit-down exam.)

Take home exams will have the following provisions:

  • questions will be released online at 9am (AEST) and due 7am (AEST) on the due date. Take home exams may include week ends and week days (including public holidays).
  • conducted over three days and available on Moodle.
  • submission dates will be pre-scheduled to reduce possible clashes with each exam being released within a 24hr period;
  • submissions will be made online through a Turnitin submission link on Moodle.
  • students will only have one opportunity to submit (i.e. no resubmission of drafts) and no late submissions will be accepted.

Find more information on studying and preparing for a take home exam visit.

Exam locations for students studying tax flexible distance courses

The School of Taxation & Business Law normally has exam venues located in the following major metropolitan centres around Australia. Students who are undertaking distance taxation courses must nominate from the following exam locations:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Hobart
  • Melbourne
  • Newcastle
  • Perth
  • Sydney

Students must nominate the exam location they wish to attend which must be finalised by week 2. Click on the link ‘Nominate your Exam Location’ which is located on the right hand side of this page, under ‘Related links’.

If you are not within reasonable travelling distance of the regular School of Taxation & Business Law exam venues listed above, please update your exam location to remote.

All remote students organise their own exam venues in Australia or overseas at their own expense and need to complete a Special Location Request Form and submit to the School Taxation & Business Law by week 4-6. Remote students who decide to attend one of the exam venues rather than arrange their own supervision must nominate their exam location via the link located on the right hand side of this page under ‘Related links’

Exam timetables for students studying distance taxation courses

Provisional and final examination timetables are published under your student profile on myUNSW. Exam information will be available on this website and on the UNSW website around week 7-8 of each semester.

MyUNSW provides times and location information for students attending the Sydney exam location. All students must follow the times on myUNSW, i.e. morning of afternoon exam, irrespective of the location they are attending (subject to local variations in arrival times as noted below). If you are not attending exams in Sydney, you must check your exam location information and attend the exam venue allocated.

The arrival times are specific to each exam venue. For example, students with a Perth Exam Location, sitting a morning exam should arrive at the entrance of Building 101 (student Central) at Curtin University before 8:30am.

Importantly, please note that provisional examination dates may be subject to change, and students are advised to check their timetable again just before coming to their exam.

Internal examinations

Students who have nominated to attend the Sydney location, should note that some courses will have their final examination run internally by the School Taxation & Business Law (as opposed to the UNSW Exams Unit).