Penalty remissions

The School of Taxation and Business Law has specific rules for tax flexible distance/CBD courses that apply to assignments that are submitted late (research papers are considered to be assignments for the purpose of this policy).

These rules are for the benefit of all students and are to ensure that assignments can be marked and returned as soon as possible. Late submission by some students means delays in marking and unfair consequences for all students. An assignment is considered late if it is submitted after midnight AEST, Sydney (or AEDT, Sydney) on the specified due date.

All penalty remission requests are to be submitted via myUNSW Special Consideration.

These guidelines outline how requests will be assessed:

  • Late submission penalties 
  • General points
  • Completing your request
  • Grounds for penalty remission
  • Documentation
  • Late submission penalties

    • 1-5 working days late: 10% of the maximum marks available for the assessment item will be deducted.
    • 6-10 working days late: 20% of the maximum marks available for the assessment item will be deducted.
    • 11 working days late (or more): The assignment can be perused, but no marks will be awarded.

    Please note that the penalties are applied to the maximum marks available for the assignment, not the actual mark awarded.

    Penalty example

    A student is due to submit an assignment by Monday 4 April. The assignment is in fact submitted on 18 April (10 working days late). The penalty for lateness will be 20% of the maximum marks available for the assessment.

    If the student’s mark before the imposition of the penalty was a credit mark of 65%, after taking the penalty into account this mark will fall to 45% – a failure.

    Penalty remission

    If illness or other verified circumstances beyond your control have a significant effect on your ability to submit an assignment by the due date, the normal penalty may be remitted. Doctor’s reasons must be sufficiently detailed and specifically address the effect of the medical condition on your ability to complete assignments.

    General points

    • Lecturers are not permitted to grant penalty remission and you should not approach lecturers for this purpose. The School Administrative Team supervises all requests.
    • You should not anticipate that a penalty remission will be granted, and should endeavour to submit all assignments as soon as possible.
    • You are advised to begin preparing assignments well before the submission date so that normal problems are easily avoided.
    • If you require academic assistance contact your lecturer.
    • You have only 10 weeks in the term, during which time assignments must be completed. You also need to prepare for the final examination in all courses. Therefore, your time management is very important.

    Completing your request

    If you need to submit a request, you must submit the application before the assessment is due, except where illness or misadventure prevent you from doing so.  

    Where misadventure has prevented you from submitting an assignment, applications should be made within three working days of the assignment or the period covered by the supporting documentation. 

    Your returned assignment will indicate if any penalty has been applied. If you have any queries regarding the penalties applied and reasons why remission of penalty is not evident, please email

    Grounds for penalty remission

    Please refer to the UNSW Special Consideration website for applicable and non-applicable circumstances.


    The request cannot be processed until all information is complete.

    Note: In all cases, the Professional Authority Form or Medical Certificate must contain a medical practitioner's stamp where indicated and/or name and address, and must be signed by the medical practitioner.