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Indulge in your passion for education by investing in the UNSW Australia Business School.

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The Business School is Australia's leading business school with a top undergraduate Business program and our globally recognised AGSM MBA. The business relationships, networks and partnerships forged here are life-changing for the people connected to our business school and transformative for the societies they inhabit.

We attract sharp thinkers, shaping leaders who set the pace and agenda for business. We create inspirational learning opportunities to prepare and build brilliant career and through active engagement with industry, we influence and impact people, organisations and communities.

We need your help

Not all our students start out as thought leaders. In fact, many would not have the opportunity to attend University at all if it were not for the generosity of donors who augment the "basics" provided by tuition fees and diminishing government grants.

We wouldn't have the innovative technology, advanced teaching facilities, pioneering staff or awesome reputation we enjoy today if it wasn't for a little help from our friends.

It's the philanthropic contributions provided by people like you that give us our edge – and we'd like to keep it that way, with your help.

"Anybody who has had the privilege of education has an obligation to find some way to provide assistance for others. I fervently believe that without education, we have nothing."

Sandra BirkensleighBCom '91, Senior Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Your financial contributions of any size will directly help us achieve our vision of change through education. And don't forget, all donations are tax deductible in Australia.

Held every year, scholarships, awards and prizes are presented to our highest achieving students.