AGSM Alumni Community Leader Scholarship appeal

Business education is crucial for not-for-profit leaders to effect change in our communities

Not-for-profit organisations are the cornerstone of our community. They provide essential services and support to all of us, and take care of those most in need. All not-for-profit organisations face challenges with raising support and income. Their success is often down to the passion and enthusiasm instilled by the leader – imagine what they could do when these leaders are upskilled to the next level with a business education.

The AGSM Alumni Community Leader Scholarship is a unique scholarship that provides training to not-for-profit leaders through an MBA from the AGSM. It is a scholarship that trains one person, but impacts many through our greater community.

Sharif Bagnulo, manager of the Outreach Team at the NSW Rural Doctors Network, was able to complete an MBA at the AGSM with the support of this scholarship. Since undertaking his MBA, Sharif's Outreach team increased their medical services across NSW from 100 to 1,500. While there are many factors that have influenced this rapid growth, Sharif says that this growth is made sustainable because of the methods he has been able to employ with his new MBA skills.

"Microeconomic concepts, for example have clarified my understanding of the factors that influence the supply and demand for health services and instances of market failure that we are able to respond to with visiting services", says Sharif.

Priscilla Brice is the most recent recipient of the AGSM Alumni Community Leader Scholarship. After working in not-for-profits for almost a decade, Priscilla founded All Together Now, Australia's only organisation dedicated to stamping out racism in our society. Working hard to balance commitments to her growing organisation and MBA course deadlines, Priscilla says "I wouldn't have the opportunity to study without the scholarship. It's hard work but it's just such an amazing opportunity to make a lasting difference to the organisation and in turn, our cause."

Help us meet our fundraising target of $35,000 so we can offer the AGSM Alumni Community Leader Scholarship to someone equally deserving in 2015. 

Sharif Bagnulo 

"From developing strategies to market health services to assessing audited financial reports, I’ve been able to apply my MBA knowledge to a not-for-profit environment and the rural health programs I’m responsible for have benefited as a result."

Sharif BagnuloRecipient of the AGSM Alumni Community Leader Scholarship

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